Ligandrol is a SARM, also known as LGD-4033 and it was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 2009. It was found to increase muscle mass without putting on fat during human clinical trials. It has now been licensed to Viking therapeutics which conducted a trail on people over 65 years old recovering from hip fracture. The trail showed that those who took Ligandrol developed more muscle mass and could walk further than those who didn’t. It is still an experimental drug and its other uses are being examined which includes treatment for cancer related weight loss, to improve functions of testes and ovaries etc. Ligandrol is considered as a performance enhancer and is thus banned from use for athletes who compete in events under WADA (World anti doping agency).

Ligandrol connects to androgen receptors in muscles and bones selectively which improves muscle growth and repair as well as improving bone density. It does so without affecting any other parts of the body like steroids do. It is taken as a tablet in doses between 0.5 to 2 milligrams. It has effects on muscle mass and strength similar to testosterone and anabolic steroids but with very less side effects. While steroids have side effects such as acne, sleeping difficulties, short term aggression and damage to kidneys and liver, Ligandrol only has side effects such as headache and dry mouth which are relatively non serious. It can be detected for upto 21 days in urine after its use. 

LGD-4033 has had a great review about increasing muscle regeneration and building. This also affects positively the strength of your body and you can easily do more intense workouts and physical work with ease. Ligandrol also improves recovery time and you can rebuild broken muscles after a workout or any physical activities and thus prevent any serious injuries during workout. It also burns fat and helps give more definition to your muscles and lose weight without losing any muscle mass. Even when you eat in a caloric deficit to reduce weight, Ligandrol helps you maintain your muscle mass by increasing fat metabolism and avoiding muscle breakdown. But, Ligandrol only works when combined with a good diet rich in proteins and exercise regimen and you cannot get any considerable results without following these two.